Military Life from my Eyes

When I first joined the Army, one of the things that impacted me the most was the sense of belonging that I immediately felt. Our hair and haircut was together with our uniform our unifying traits ,and the lives of my peers and I were to be based upon the same building blocks whether it was at bootcamp or when stationed in Iraq; ergo, from the very beginning our lives were based on loyalty, mutual respect and love for our country.

In recent times, military life has received bad press from some flanks of society, and those of us who made the decision to fight in the name of worldwide justice were portrayed as savages. Sure, there were and still are some bad apples in the military but, for the most part, the people whom I met in my military life shared the same desire to defend the weak and honor our country and our host country. Despite the fact that these days I continue with my barbering profession although at a civilian level (I now own a barbershop), I want to use this blog to provide a more based-on-experience perspective of what military life, especially when deployed, is all about.

A day in the life of military operations in Iraq

Please watch the video below to see a more realistic experience of what I went through and what my military colleagues continue to go through; it depicts what we were sent to do, to help build this country (Iraq) after helping them achieve the foundation of democracy.

I dislike politics and I don’t want this military blog to be politically skewed as some other military blogs out there are. I simply want to show you and the rest of my readers what military life, in its day to day, is all about, irrespective of who is in charge of our country and what decisions are being made my pampered and corrupt politicians.

Thank you for reading my blog, I look forward to you following me on my blogging endeavors!



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