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About the High and Tight Haircut blog

The High and Tight Haircut blog aims to bring knowledge of this fascinating haircut and hairstyle to all men worldwide. Just as much, we aim to bring other military haircuts so that you can “borrow”, so to speak, the military hair style and blend it into your own style. Lastly, my experience as an Army veteran and military barber has given me a unique perspective on military life and how the different military haircuts are used by our fellow military men (and women) to bond and have a sense of belonging under circumstances in which they are facing death every day. Suffice to say, this is no generic military blog and I want to express and offer you my very own military life perspective!

The High and Tight haircut is one cool men’s haircut to blog about!

A man getting a High and Tight haircut in the barbershop

In the High and Tight Haircut blog you will be able to find instructions on how to do this haircut and the other military haircuts, you will find plenty of High and Tight pictures (and pictures of the other cuts), you will find interesting trivia on the haircuts, you will find all the knowledge you need to sport a cool High and Tight and other military styles, and you will also find a social hub for you to communicate and exchange ideas on military haircuts and hairstyles, with the High and Tight being central to this hub.

All men from all walks of life are welcome in this blog, as so are women and younger men who are trying to find a haircut to match their evolving personalities. You are also welcome to send us your own haircut picture and show the world how your High and Tight/military cut looks!

Welcome aboard the High and Tight haircut blog.



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