High and Tight Haircut Products

High and Tight Haircut Products

To achieve your High and Tight haircut, you will need the specific haircut tools and hairstyling products. A hair clipper and/or a razor will do to get the haircut done, and then you can use hairstyling products to give a tailored shape to your High and Tight if the hair on top of the head was left long (i.e. at least a #4 guard length).

Haircut products for a High and Tight

To get the High and Tight haircut, you will need a heavy-duty hair clipper that is of high quality and that has guard lengths which range from, at least, a #0 to a #4. You can also get a razor so that, instead of clipping your hair on the sides as and back, you actually shave it all off. Finally, you can also buy a set of scissors so that you can cut the hair on the top of your head (instead of clipping it) if you want some hair length to style (but remember, a High and Tight is never over an inch long on the top!).

In terms of a good hair clipper to buy, anything by either Oster or Andis is an excellent choice. Wahl and Panasonic make some good hair clippers for the price they cost, so they’re a good option if you can’t spend over 100 bucks on a good hair clipper. Have a look at these recommended hair clippers for men as they are the best hair clippers you can get for the different price ranges available on the market. The list of recommended hair clippers is from the barber staff at a trusted website and forum, and it’s actually a forum that I check every once in a while to keep up with the latest men’s hairstyles and haircuts trends. If you can, join the forum in that site and search their threads as they have some fantastic content on lots of male hair related topics, including military haircuts and the High and Tight haircut!

To recap, these are the haircut products we have talked about in the first paragraph and that you need to buy if you want to cut a High and Tight by yourself:

  • Hair Clipper
  • Razor
  • Scissors
  • Double mirror (so you can check the back of the head as you give yourself the High and Tight)

Man shaving his High and Tight haircut

Hairstyling products for a High and Tight

You can use several hairstyling products for your High and Tight; if there’s enough length on the top, you can style the hair up, to the side finger-styled, or swept tight to the side with a comb. If you have curly hair, you can avoid styling your High and Tight in what is called a shaggy High and Tight. You can use the following hairstyling products for your High and Tight:

  • Hair Pomade
  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Mousse
  • Hair wax
  • Styling cream

In terms of where to purchase your hair products, I always tell my clients to search online for comments and reviews from trusted sources such as forums. For my money, the best place online to get an idea of hair products is this discussion on the best hair products for men over at the same forum above on male hair. Make sure you check their recommended waxes, pomades and styling creams as they recommend products that I, as both a barber and a consumer, too agree with and recommend. Finally, for hair gel, the best website to use is www.besthairgelformen.net which is owned by a fellow barber and that gives you recommendations about the best hair gel for men according to your hair type, it’s the best product recommending site I have seen so far.

A man with a cool High and Tight hairstyle


Make sure you have the right hair products for your High and Tight, much more so if you will be doing the haircut yourself or with a friend instead of going to the barber. I recommend you to at least get your first High and Tight at a barbershop so that you can see how the High and Tight looks on your head and face; that way you can have a benchmark for your future High and Tight cuts!

Have a good day.



7 responses to “High and Tight Haircut Products

  1. After many, many years of having very long hair, I decided to go short…looked on here and tried to do my own high and tight…messed up big time, and had to clip everything off. Am now at almost an inch all over…going to a real barber next week, thinking 3 quarters of an inch on top, and shaved sides and back.nN more long hair for me!

    • Make the top a bit shorter if you’re going to shave the sides and back. Go for a #3 on the top which is just under half an inch. I’d even go for a #2. Just get the 3 first, then if you’d rather go shorter, just hit a 2 then. You’ll love your high and tight, trust me 🙂

  2. Well, I could not wait…went for the shaved sides and back, and a 2 on the top…I love it!!! Lady barber gave me a great cut ..high and tight is here to stay! Just visited my ex wife…she was so turned on! No hippy hair anymore! We had a pleasant evening!

  3. Great comments. I like the horseshoe flat top haircut with the shaved sides and back and the great shaved landing strip. The shorter on top the better in my opinion.

    • I totally agree, the shorter the better. For me it’s the Recon with shaved sides and back like whitewalls. It’s great how all these military haircuts share the same emphasis on being action-ready haircuts!

  4. I just got a new haircut. I consider it to be a decent looking high and tight style haircut. It’s so short I don’t even need any product in my hair as if the product does not doing anything for it.

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