High and Tight Basics

High and Tight Basics

The High and Tight Haircut is in itself a basic haircut. The High and Tight is a very popular military haircut for men because of how easy it is to do; you really only need a hair clipper or razor and a mirror to complete, that’s how simple it is!

Great High and Tight haircut

High and Tight lengths

The High and Tight is clipped with a single guard at the sides and back, whereas the hair on the top of the head is clipped with a higher guard, some two to three numbers higher. The sides and back of the head can also be shaved, although this variation of the High and Tight is not as preferable as clipping.

These are the guard numbers used for the High and Tight:

  • Sides and back: shaved, #0, #1
  • Top: #2 (if a #0 at sides/back), #3, #4, #5 and up to one inch in even length (trimmed with scissor).

The top of the head in the High and Tight must be a one single even length (not done as a fade haircut); if the hair is not even, then it isn’t a High and Tight! Instead, a haircut that has the top at different lengths (i.e. a taper) has other names such as an Undercut, a Crew Cut or an ivy League haircut.

High and Tight tools

You only need a good hair clipper that can clip short and efficiently or a good razor and a mirror — ideally a back mirror or a hand mirror to double check that the line in the High and Tight is horizontal and not patchy. You can go to the barber to get a High and Tight or you can give yourself the haircut, although I recommend you get your first High and Tight at the barber, so you know what a good High and Tight looks on your head.

Double checking that cool High and Tight!

Checking out a High and Tight haircut

Why get a High and Tight?

The High and Tight is a low-maintenance, neat and tidy haircut. It is also fresh and is especially useful in summer as you will always feel fresh. The High and Tight also evokes an alpha, manly trait that can have people take you more seriously, mainly because the High and Tight is associated with the military. Women love short haircuts too, and they also love military men so with a High and Tight you get the neatness and low-maintenance of this haircut but also the enhanced attraction and manliness of a haircut that has been used by generations of military men!

Have a good day.



14 responses to “High and Tight Basics

  1. I’m military barber loved your high and tight. Need tip on no line low fade? Thank you


      • The good thing is that because the hair is short in the Recon and High and Tight, you can experiment with the two haircuts and your hair will soon grow back. I would recommend you to try the Recon too, it’s an awesome haircut for men!

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